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Digital Control


*The above image depicts a rendering of the digital control. Actual device design may vary.


Designed using the latest in solid state electronics, the Digital Control Center now makes it even easier for anyone to smoke, bake or sear like a professional "Pit Master". The Digital Control Center gives you the ability to set and forget as it automatically maintains your desired cooking temperature (180 degrees F Hot Smoke to 600 degrees F), just like your indoor oven.With the additional of a Programmable Meat Probe, your food is cooked to the  internal temperature you preset, making it easy to produce "World Class BBQ In Your Own Backyard", every time!


What's New on the Digital Control Center

  • Upgraded state of the art electronics and programming.
    Making it a more reliable and robust control.
  • The ability to switch between fahrenheit and celsius temperature read out.

    Included Programmable Meat Probe!
    Allows you to connect your food to the Digital Control Center and monitor the internal temperature of your food. Once your food has reached your desired internal temperature, the Digital Control automatically reduces the grill temperature to warm (the lowest set point - 170 degrees F) and keeps it warm until you remove it.


How Does It All Work?

The Digital Control Center with the accompanying Programmable Meat Probe work together to make your grilling life much easier.


To start your grill, set your oven temperature on the Digital Control Center, make sure your hopper is filled with pellets, and push the "START" Button. In a few minutes, the 300 watt igniter will fire and ignite the pellets. In 7 to 10 minutes, your grill is heated to your desired temperature and you're ready too grill. Insert the meat probe into your food and set the desired internal temperature you want. While you're enjoying your friends and family's company, the Digital Control Center is watching the grill for you, monitoring the internal temperature of the grill and adjusting the rate the pellets are fed into the burn pot accordingly, and the internal temperaure you set is maintained. When the Programmable Meat Probe registers the temperature you've preset, the temperature is automatically reduced to170 degress F ensuring your food is cooked to perfection and cooked to perfection while you've been free to enjoy your day.


It doesn't get any easier than that does it?



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