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  • Over 15 years of excellent taste!
  • Versatile as a rub, in a marinade or seasoning
  • NO MSG
  • NO MSG added
  • Shrinkwrapped safety sealed
  • Available in 5 oz. and 24 oz. bottles
  • Use during cooking or sprinkle on finished foods


Our Flavors:


Bourbon Mollasses Run N Grill
For steaks on the grill. Rub steaks with olive oil and generously apply your spice. Grill over your favorite pellet flavor. The molasses carmelizes and forms a sweet bourbon crust.


Caribbean Keylime

A unique flavor with a hint of lime. Sweet and tangy and full of flavor but not overpowering. This flavor is great for those looking to expand their flavor pallet and try something new. A sure hit! 


Cajun Barbecue
A blackening spice with flavor and not just the heat. Good for seafood, chops & chicken. Dredge in melted butter, roll in spice and pan fry.


Our world famous chicken seasoning! It goes great on poultry, any way you cook it. Try grilling over mesquite or apple pellets for maximum flavor.


Chop House Steak Rub
Made for those steaks that family and friends talk about for days! A coarse spice that tastes different with every bite.


Garlic, Lemon Pepper *NEW*


Gingered Teriyaki with Wasabi *NEW*


Hickory Bacon
Rub pork ribs and butts with olive oil and smother with this tangy rub. Grill over hickory wood pellets.


Mango Magic


Mandarin Habanero Rub
Sweet mandarin oranges and spicy habanero chillis bring the heat without losing the sweet flavor. Try with chicken, pork or stir-fry.


Maple Walnut


Mesquite rub 'n grill
Mesquite flavor without the aftertaste of other brands. This is the good one! Rub on your favorite steaks and grill with mesquite pellets.


Raspberry Chipotle *NEW*


Smokey Spicy Sweet Hot
For anything on the grill. The name says it all. Grill over hickory or mesquite wood.


Sweet Heat run 'n Grill
For steaks and chops on the grill. The molasses and fine ground coffee give this rub a delicious and unique taste.


Sweet Rib Rub
Bring the flavor out of your beef and pork ribs and roasts, or sprinkle generously over shishkebobs.


Tennesee Apple Butter
Designed for pork chops, lamb chops and chicken. Rub generously and grill over apple wood pellets.


Available for Special Order:


Curried Pineapple

Cuban Rum Spice

New England Seafood Seasoning

Santa Fe Seasoning



S5 Box



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